The icy land of Iceland. March, 2016

The North

Candid pic amongst the hot mist furiously departing from geothermal vents.

We had to swerve many times because of deer, elk, and other animals like the one shown above!

We spent great distances in Dacia, our right-hand vehicle, listening to Life of Pablo and watching the beauty pass us by.

Sometimes we would just stop off to the side of the road. Just to take in the view. We were the only car on the road 90% of the time.

3 days in, #theFermentingFjour (team name) became criminals under the Icelandic law. Being the only ones on the road, speed was their middle name. I'll admit, I didn't take this picture.

Beautiful waterfall

The South

Below these canyons was a geothermal pool. The free version of the blue lagoon. While swimming, about 8 Icelandic men climbed in, stripped down, and jumped in.

The hike to these canyons was a few kilometers. It was great except the soul of my shoe came apart. We tried to take Dacia through the harsh mud (impossible) and eventually found duck tape and super glue to fix the shoe. My shoe made it to the canyon, but we had to hitchhike the way back.

Pictures cannot do the immensity justice.

Hiking rocks & dirt.

The most majestic swimming pool


Two enthusiastic tomatoes consuming fresh off-the-vine tomato soup, freshly baked bread rolls, and birch liquor out of a tomato, while photosynthesizing in the greenhouse warmth.

We saw a puffin. It's controversial.

-The horizon-

One of the many fish we saw in Iceland.

This house resembles an angry man.